Billetera móvil en el Perú sumó 65 mil usuarios en su primer mes

BIM Mobile wallet
BIM Mobile wallet

In his first me s commercial launch, BIM, the mobile wallet Peru has 65,000 active accounts, of which 35,000 are active, according to management.

Up to now, nine banking institutions have been involved in this product, especially for the unbanked public, at least in the beginning.

The so-called “Peru Model”, analyzed in detail in several reports of Frequency Latin America, is an electronic money platform that promises to provide a common and interoperable framework for the actors in this industry.

BIM provides a common and interoperable platform , set up by a group of banks, financial institutions, cooperatives and telcos. In the future, the plan is to add new banking services such as loans, payment of basic services such as receipts for electricity, water, telephone , RUC , among others, which will be completed next year.

The e-money platform works with three mobile operators such as Claro, Movistar and Entel, and it is hoped that other operators can also be added.

Older people may be affiliated to the Mobile Wallet, for which it is necessary to have the DNI at hand.



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